The Qi of Spark & Sparkle

This blog is new! Stay tuned. I have many plans for it. But a different deadline on 11:59pm 4/24/2017. So can’t put them in yet.

Synapse Weaver: fine tuning living rhythms

Brought to you by lostinmist, who writes Mindfire Cantata (formerly Verses of My Destruction) [ ], Poetic Postcards (Home to the retroactively named Discordian Postcard Conspiracy) [ ], @tribalephemeral on Twitter, various other things listed at Psychic Fugue Studio, and will be speaking more about the Verse Cubes project one of these days soon-ish.

Had not occurred to me when I first came up with the tagline, but living organisms, as such, such as people, could be in many ways be thought of as themselves Living Rhythms.

I’ve outlined a variety of post topics and categories I’m finding I have a lot to say about already. Topics will include Cooking For One+, posts about the methods, cognitive or material, of writing, meditation & spirituality, biomolecules/+pharmaceuticals and their interactions, and a variety of others … Stay tuned to learn how to keep a cucumber good for 3+ weeks in the fridge…. aaand we’re out of time for the moment.

I plan to add a variety of ways for readers to optionally support this work materially. I think much of it will be very useful! Poetry will continue to appear elsewhere. many things are in a state of flux right now – posting frequency could change unpredictably or settle into a stable rhythm in the near term.

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